Mello's menu


Mello, a skewer of coated fruits and marshmallows

in premium Belgian chocolate.

mello positif

Le positif

Milk chocolate

Strawberry & banana

mello positif


Dark chocolate

Strawberry & banana

mello positif


Salted caramel

Strawberry & banana

mello joyeux

Le joyeux

Dark chocolate


mello fraises et raisins

Le « j'profite »

Milk chocolate

Strawberry & grapes

mello dessert saveur du mois

Le yolo

Flavor of the month

Strawberry & banana


Refreshing drinks that give the same feeling as the first sip of cold water.

café glacé

Iced Coffee

One of summer's most refreshing drinks, served with a chocolate-covered marshmallow on a straw. Offered in partnership with Le Torré, our coffee is organic and ethically sourced for the rainforests.

bubble tea framboise mangue

Bubble Tea

Freshly brewed raspberry tea with fusion bubbles. The flavor of the bubbles is a secret.

Frozen delights

Because sometimes we like our classics (especially when it's 40 degrees). We offer a range of ice-cold treats to cool you down.

mello positif

Crème glacée

Creamy, refreshing ice cream.

Chocolate, vanilla and marble for all to enjoy! Available only at the foodtruck on Île Saint-Quentin.

mello-pops paletas


Paletas made from 100% real fresh fruits.

Raspberries, passion fruit, mango and lemon. Coat them for a sweet and fruity combination!

mello positif


Une coupe glacée à l’image Mello’s.

Choose between the S'mores, the Fruity and the Cinema. Available only at the foodtruck on Île Saint-Quentin.