An accomplice to your memorable moments

Mello's is more than a foodtruck of unique desserts, it's a foodtruck of unforgettable moments.

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What's a mello?

We mixed together the four key ingredients for a successful summer: marshmallows, chocolate, fruit and friends. That's where the mello was born, a chocolate-coated marshmallow and fruit skewer with a healthy dose of positivity.


The Mello's foodtruck, just for you

Rent our foodtruck for your event. Perfect for school activites and corporate events.


Let go of your crazy, dare to do activities you always wanted to do and enjoy the present moment. #laviemello means taking your time and enjoying good desserts every day. 

A unique experience

Our sole mission: to see you leave Mello's with a smile on your face. Whether it's a beautiful day or a not-so-beautiful one, we want your experience with us and our desserts to brighten your day and make it unforgettable.

Mello's is more than just desserts, it's memorable moments.