Our philosophy

What is #laviemello? It's about living your life like there is no tomorrow.

It's about enjoying every moment as if it were the last so that you don't have any regrets.

Mello’s - Chocolate Brochettes accompanies you on this magnificent adventure by offering you sweet treats that will reward you at the end of a good week's work.

Our goal is to serve every customer as if he or she were our friend in order to elicit thousands of chocolate smiles.

Our story

 Mello's - Chocolate Skewers, is a cocktail (no, forget that) it's a skewer made up of two guys who met in college in an accounting class. From then on, the chemistry kicked in and a common mission developed: to brighten up people's lives in their own way.


 It was by seeing the ravages of the pandemic on people's morale that the idea of giving away sweet treats on the go was born.


Knowing that "life is like a box of chocolate," our chocolate skewers will continue to beautify yours.